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Here you will find everything you should know about the active ingredients used in Evora products.
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Allantoin Anti Age For smoothing the skin surface.
Algae Extract Moisture Looks soothing.
Aloe vera Plant Extract Tightens the skin and counteracts redness and irritation.
Avocado oil Nursing Oils have a high vitamin content.
Bamboo Dreaming Plant Extract Preserves the moisture of the skin.
Bisabolol Basic care Material Soothes the skin
Caviar Caviar Extract Caviar, also known as "Black Gold", has a high percentage of fat and amino acids, zinc, vitamin B and iodine. The active ingredient caviar is an intensive Faltenreduzierer.
Ceramides Regeneration Skin-own lipids that keep the cell structure of the uppermost skin layer together.
China-Bark Tree Extract Plant Extract Powerful and astringent for a pleasant skin feeling.
D-Phantenol Vitamin Moisturizes and binds.
Ginseng Extract Plant Extract Smoothes the skin and gives it a supple feel.
Glycerrehtinsäure Basic care Material Active substance from the licorice root. Calms the skin.
Hibiscus extract Plant Extract Tightens the skin.
Hyaluronic acid Anti Age In three-fold active form. Increase skin moisture in only 2 hours by 79%.
Jasmin Extract Plant Extract Substance of fine perfumes. Antiseptic effect.
Jojoba Nursing Jojoba oil penetrates well into the skin as it resembles the composition of the Hautfetts.
Cactus Extract Plant Extract Moisture supply for freshness and vitality.
Lotus Flower Extract Plant Extract Astringent effect refines the skin.
Matrixyl 2000 Peg Free Anti Age Very effective anti-wrinkle agent.
Sea Silk Moisture Silky fibers of maritime origin for suppleness and moisture.
Evening primrose oil Nursing Gives dry skin fat and moisture. For a vital skin.
Sodium lactate Minerals Sodium salt of the Michlsäure, part of the natural moisturizing effect of the skin.
Olive butter Nursing Protects the skin naturally from free radicals while preserving premature skin aging.
Pheohydrane Moisture Intensive Moisturizer with depot effect, obtained from the tidal algae.
Q10 Anti Age Coenzyme Q10 supports the natural ability of the skin to regenerate and to visibly reduce the depth of existing wrinkles.
Shea butter Nursing Shea butter is traditionally used in Africa, among other things, for skin care.
Soya oil Nursing Cares and makes the skin supple.
Sorbitol Basic care Material Preserves the moisture of the skin.
Squalane Nursing Valuable fatty acids have an antioxidant effect and promote smoothness and elasticity.
Seaplant Extract Moisture A therapist with a moisturizing effect.
Dead Sea salt Minerals This salt is rich in trace elements and therefore a high-quality care material.
Urea Moisture Integral part of the natural moisture retention factor of the Epidermisschicht.
Vitamin A Vitamin Counteracts the corneal skin.
Vitamin B3 Vitamin Group of B vitamins are used in dry skin and support cellular energy metabolism.
Vitamin E Vitamin A radical catcher that softens the stimulus and soothes the skin.