We love Beauty
and this since 1977

Evora is an owner-managed, German family business, which from the outset works with passion and enthusiasm for the development and distribution of high-quality cosmetics.

Presented in high-quality, modern design and developed according to the latest scientific knowledge, our product range stands for healthy lifestyle and joy of beauty and comes completely without parabens and mineral oils. Our products are dermatologically tested and free from animal testing


It's easy, you just invite your friends and the Evora coach will take care of the rest!

1. Contact your Evora coach. Sets an appointment and event.
2. Create a guest list and invite your friends.
3. Have fun at your EVORA-Party and get great benefits from your EVORA-Coach.


The extraordinary shopping experience
with your friends in your living room.

Together with your friends, try out great Evora cosmetic products, care or fragrances and let your Evora coach give you exclusive, straightforward and free advice.

There are many occasions to celebrate a Evora party, such as an after-work party in the office, a cozy Sunday brunch, a themes or a bachelor's farewell!

Small tip: Invite at least 15 guests, because only about half of them will be able to come to your Evora party. They can also be people from different groups, such as friends, work colleagues, contacts from the gym.

Your personal Evora coach will be happy to advise you on planning!


The Evora product range

Why our products are so special? We will gladly tell you this in a personal conversation. Our trained, free Evora coaches will be happy to introduce you to our assortment.

Decorative Cosmetics

a selected assortment of high-quality decorative cosmetic Products

Skin Care Series

specially adapted to the needs of different skin types


approx. 40 fragrances for you & him as exclusive Eau de Parfums with 16% Parfumöl share


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